Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Tag is merely an excuse....

The scourge of the blogosphere has just been tagged. And tagged he has been by none other than the Tamil Taskmistress herself.

As per the rules, this here post of mine is supposed to be about the 6th picture in my 6th images folder. Simple enough if I happened to actually have 6 image folders. But as fate would have it, I have none. So, in order to resolve this predicament, I turned to something that has helped me through many a crisis....

My Comics Folder (Technically, they are images. So, what the hell, right?)

This hallowed location on my hard disk is home to countless mind-shatteringly awesome comic book panels. But the one I'm about to present before you is especially spectacular.
[Disclaimer: You might want to sit down for this.]

Behold! Straight from the pages of Batman - Hush #1....

Pictured above (L-R): Hostage Kid, Batman on a slow Tuesday, Killer Croc

In theory, appreciation of awesomeness is pretty much my only reason to live. And they just don't come anymore awesome than this. If I had my way, every panel ever drawn would look like this.

The artwork here is by Jim Lee. Lee's attention to detail has made him my absolute favourite penciller since I first got into comic books, and frames like these reaffirm his status as one of the greatest in the industry. Of course, no panel can look nearly as cool as this one without the vision of a first-rate writer like Jeph Loeb.

The other, more obvious reason behind the awesomeness of this image is, of course, Batman. I love Batman. As much as a heterosexual male can. I was once asked about who I think would win if Batman and Darth Vader went head-to-head. I have failed, after numerous attempts, to come up with any conceivable scenario where Darth Vader manages to win. And that guy can kill you with his freakin' mind. What I'm trying to say is that Batman will MESS YOU UP. A lesson Killer Croc learns the hard way in the pages that follow.

My mindless extolment of the many virtues of Batman must stop now as there is sleeping to be done. I choose to tag Gja (because I know not any other previously untagged blogger who posts on a regular basis), and I hope the ass takes some time off from nerdifying and keeps this thing going.

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