Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Zack Snyder,



Just found out that the ending to "Watchmen" (watch the trailers here and here) is missing the squid. And that ticks me off.

I'm not the kinda fanboy who's a stickler for details and that's why I didn't make too much of the many aberrations in the trailers. But this is just not on. It seems to me that the importance placed on thematic faithfulness is being tossed around as an excuse all too often. Dropping the squid citing "unfilmability" just proves Alan Moore was right all along. "Watchmen" is purely a graphic novel and it never made sense to make a movie adaptation.

I'll still be catching the movie, though. Because it's "Watchmen" and because I'm hoping I'm wrong about all this. But I know it's impossible for any movie-adaptation, no matter how good, to match that "Watchmen" je-ne-sais-quoi.


~R~ said...

Now i just want to buy the graphic novel. lol.

btw, why did code obfuscation leave you in splits?

Akaash said...

Actually, when I posted that, I thought I'd left a link to this page:

Also, I could pass on the graphic novel if you want.

Aradhana said...

Why have you abandoned your blog?

Akaash said...

Haven't really abandoned it. Just on hiatus ;)