Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Bengali's rants about VTU.

Note: This fine piece of literature is best read with a thick Bengali accent.

Finally, today my exams ees feenish.
No more sleepless nights of pain and anguish.
But last 10 days ees teaching me lot about life.
Thees lesson I learn after all my strife:
Not stronger, faster, harder or fitter,
That which does not keel him, makes Bangali bitter.
After each exam, I am feeling my confidence fall.
Like Dada's wicket on short-peetched ball.
6 times they have make me feel their scorn.
6 times I am thought, "Ja Shaala! Thees one also gone."
Can they not give one simple paper, shaala?
VTU paper-setter, tera mooh kaala!
I am feeling like to kill, but Tagore's words coming to mind:
"An eye for an eye is making the world to go blind."
Then I am thought, thees words Tagore is not speaking.
But it's ok. For anything, Bangalis always credit taking.
But today I will celebrate, have Rosogolla and feesh.
Because today I am happy that my exams ees feenish.


Aradhana said...

You have been missed.

Good to know ur back in form.

Akaash said...

Good to know I'm not talking to myself everytime I post here.

Thanks a lot for reading. I really liked your blog too. Hope to see more up there.

Aradhana said...

Thanks :)